Italian teacher, Language designer, Author of italian language and grammar books and media tools, Consultant for editors, Examiner for CELI exams

  • Italian Lessons: private or small group
  • Lessons for all levels: from beginners to advanced
  • Practice and training for celi, cils, plida exames
  • Specific italian lessons for work, tourism, literature
  • Creative writing workshop
  • Speaking and conversation
  • Creation of personalized language modules for auto-didactic training

Language designer

The philosophy at the heart of every lesson and every course is to transform the existing situation into the desired one. This objective is essential to every educational process. Planning education is an important process because it keeps learning in tune with difficulties that come up during the course and those that emerge from in-course evaluation.

The principal phases of this linguistic process are:

  1. Analysing educational needs, rescources and commitment: what do you want to learn?
  2. Defining objectives: why do you want to learn?
  3. Drawing up teaching and testing tools and methods: how are you going to learn?
  4. Defining content and roadmap: what are you going to study and in what timeframe?
  5. Comparing objectives and results: what did you learn? Can you use it to speak, understand, write and reply?

So, every language course begins with shared drawing up of objectives and content where the student’s needs and aspirations are handwoven with the teacher’s experience. You and your desires are at the heart of the learning process.