With activities and practice

In this case, the activities take place in the city of Bologna. Suitable for lovers of adventure and new things, it is a new way of discovering the language because it uses tools such as video, audio, interviews and photographs. A new way because who writes, looks, comments, who says “Mamma mia che bello!”, Or “Oddio buono!” is the person who participate and not someone else. In this way your own Bologna will be built: enchanted, romantic, culinary, cultural, artistic, photographic, creative, secret and much more. The authentic materials you have created will be used to build our Italian lessons.

Goals – Why do you have to participate? To

  • Learn Italian in a new way: interacting with Italians and practice with the Italian language
  • Learn having fun
  • Be the protagonist of your journey
  • Experience different parts of yourself through a new language
  • Become the photographer, writer, poet, journalist who discover and tell stories and share images
  • Meet other tourists and travelers and make new friends
  • Share experiences, adventures and suggestions
  • Discover hidden places


To learn italian, this way is a lot of fun if you do it together. We therefore need either a class of students or a group.

 Well-being: Go to Bottega Ashtanga in Strada Maggiore 49. A blue-eyed woman will give you instructions. Do it. Smile. At the end, do a little interview.

New food – bio and vegan: Go to Canapè vegan bistro in via Sant’Isaia 57. Discover the dishes of the day. Ask the girl behind the counter about the ingredients used to cook that day, where they were purchased, a recipe of your choice among those proposed. Take notes or do an audio or video interview with your phone.

Traditional food: Go to “Pasta fresca Naldi” in Via del Pratello 69. Ask for the “Bolognese ragù” recipe. If you want, you can buy the ingredients and then try making ragù in your kitchen. How did it come? You can also do a free interview and ask all your curiosities about homemade Bolognese food.

Wines and cutting boards: Go to Eataly inside Ambasciatori in via Orefici 19. Taste a glass of wine and if you like, eat a sandwich with “mortadella” – one of the best in Bologna. Browse among thousands of books, choose yours and read a few pages at the wooden tables. Take notes to capture this moment and what is happening in the book you are reading.

Art and Culture: Choose an art exhibition or a museum that you like. Take pictures and a description of them. Take notes or record an audio or video as you describe. Try to convince those who will listen or who will read it  about the beauty of what you are experiencing.

The taverns: Go to Osteria del Sole in Vicolo Ranocchi 1. Interview the owner or the bartender  and ask the history of the tavern and how it works if you want to go there to drink and eat. Take notes or do an audio interview or a video with your phone.

Music: Go in front of Lucio Dalla’s house in via D’Azeglio 15 and take a photo. Search on the internet for his songs and choose the one you liked the most. Listen to the songs or sit on the steps of Piazza Maggiore or on a porch in Piazza Santo Stefano. As you listen, write or record with your phone what you see and what is happening around you.

           For those who want to visit the inside of the house, it is possible to book a visit

L’aperitivo”: Go to Piazza Maggiore and sit down at one of La Linea’s tables. Order a spritz, the typical Italian “aperitivo”. Interview the bartender and discover the story of the spritz. Write or record the conversation on your phone. If you prefer, you can do a free interview.

A glass of wine: Go to the Favalli wine shop in Piazza Santo Stefano 5A. The wine shop overlooks the square and is one of the best places in Bologna where you can taste a glass of wine. Ask the owner which are the best wines in Italy, what is the difference between organic and biodynamic wine. Is it true that sulphites give you a headache? What does “drinking a glass of wine” mean for Italian people? Write or record the conversation on your phone.

Surprise: Many other adventures are waiting for you! Too long – and no surprises – list them all here! For example: where do you drink the best coffee in Bologna? What is the most characteristic food market in the center and where do you find the best organic foods in the area? What are the few squares in which the sun beats at lunchtime?


For those who speak Italian even just a little: the language used will be Italian
For those who do not speak Italian at all: the language used will be their mother tongue. In this case, the useful information to interact with people will be given by Tania

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