Tailor-made lessons and courses created for you or your school

Creation of personalised italian courses and educational packages to learn the language aimed at:

  • schools of all types  – language courses and simplified curriculum material
  • university
  • public and private institutions
  • companies
  • professional bodies
  • tourists and travellers
  • anyone who wants to learn the language for specific, personal interest reasons

To learn a new language, there are a wide range of possibilities: from the more traditional books and class courses, to online courses and even self-learning apps. All of these courses are however standard, that is they have been created for a large number of students. Everyone learns in the same way and studies the same topics: from the standard unit 1 in which you practice the questions to introduce yourself, meeting people, buying a ticket, booking a hotel room and ordering a meal to using past tenses and learning how to relate what you’ve just done, seen or thought.

In this system, however, YOU- with your objectives, tastes and passions don’t count.

This is the difference compared to a tailor-made course created for YOU by  a language designer.

It’s like buying clothes in a chain store or having them tailor-made. In the latter case we won’t find the clothes ready from the word go, but we ‘ll find they fit perfectly at the end. And we’ll create them. The talent, professionalism and art of the tailor will make the clothing we desired and dreamt of real.

This is what a language designer does: they are a tailor of language who creates a made-to-measure learning course that harmonises with our desires, interests, objectives and timetables. They create based on-

  • what you want to learn to do with the language
  • what content you want to learn with
  • what time frame you want to learn in

This is because transforming the existing situation into that which is desired is the essential objective of every formative process and the programming of the content and timing of a training course becomes fundamental to generate the desired change.

This is how you become the protagonist of your learning.

You learn what you are interested in, the texts and the topics chosen are those that mirror your passions and your linguistic objectives. You don’t need to have to face unit 3 of the stock textbook where you learn how to ask the doctor what medicine to take if that isn’t an argument that interests you.